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Do you suffer from chronic undiagnosed pain?
Do you want to be healthier, look fresher and feel better inside and out?
Our personalised and bespoke treatments mix Western and Chinese medicine to help alleviate pain,
as well as harnessing the power within to create long-lasting spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

A combination of energetic healing methods

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Amem, Theta Healing and Reiki
to explore the root of your illness or pain.

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  • When I am having a treatment with Martha, if its her bespoke facial acupuncture or an holistic session, it always feels that I am finally taking care of myself and receiving  a wonderful professional treatment from a lovely caring therapist that is there 100% of the time to support me with my journey.
    Michal Cohen Sagi
    58 lifestyle Ltd
  • How does one adequately describe this Wonder Woman? She is a Healer of the First Order, she is Exceptionally Talented. I have been seeing Martha for almost a year now, and every session I have with her takes me to ever better resolve within my self. Martha English is simply Wonderful, I am so very glad to have this Amazing Woman in my life.
    Jani White
  • Paul & I went to see Martha because we were both tired all the time,feeling super stressed and looking to increase my health so that Paul and I could have a baby. I can honestly say, thanks to Martha, that for the first time in 5 years, I feel strong enough and fit enough to have that baby that both Paul & I dream about.
    Kim Masters
    Dream On Foundation